Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sharon Surgery Cap-Haitien Hospital Justinien Today

Hello Everyone,

I just got a phone call from Sharon. She wanted me to let you know that she is going to Hospital Justinien in Cap-Haitien hospital for bowel surgery this afternoon.

I'll spare the graphic details, but she is very ill, likely from the E. coli, and the surgeon will check for abscesses or perforations.

She has no idea when she will be released from hospital, or when she will return to Canada. It will NOT be next weekend as planned.

Sister Rosemary has been taking care of Sharon the past week and will phone me when Sharon is out of surgery.

Her voice sounded very weak, and she has been in constant severe pain for several weeks now.

Prayers are needed, Everyone.
Update 9 pm EDT

Sister Rosemary just phoned from the hospital in Haiti to let us know that Sharon is not having surgery until the doctors deem her kidney function sufficien to handle the anaesthetic.

Their best estimate for surgery is later tonight or tomorrow.

Sister Rosemary was heading home for the night, but said that a nurse and two of the students were with Sharon and would stay the night.

If anything changes she said the hospital will call her, and she will call tomorrow afternoon.


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