Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Starthrower Foundation On Poverty Blog Action Day 2008

Hello Everyone,

Starthrower Foundation joins the blogging community in focusing on world poverty issues today, October 15, 2008.

That Sharon Gaskell, Starthrower's founder, is currently seriously ill from complications borne of living in poverty conditions in Haiti (see Haiti hospital post and Thanksgiving Day post) dramatically underscores the urgent need to help ensure everyone, everywhere has access to clean, safe water and food, and to medical care. These are some of the goals of Starthrower Foundation's work in Haiti. Lofty goals to be sure, but attainable with your help.

On this day of action, take a few minutes to read again Sharon's words on the Starthrower home page, and about social justice issues and donations. These are not easy concepts to internalize. You'll know when you really 'get it'.

Most of us want to right the wrongs of this world by 'fixing' them the way we think they should be fixed. And this is a very natural response when we want to make something better. But this response is patronizing, a colonial mindset, a Father Knows Best attitude that diminishes the ones we are trying to help.

Sharon has listed, on a page on the web site, a recommended reading list on Haiti and social justice issues. Take the time to find a copy of one or all of them. Most are available through Amazon online, or check your local library. The more you know about these issues and learn what others are doing, the more effective your support will be.

And it's already been pretty amazing!

I'll post an update on Sharon's condition in the next day or so, when there is more definite news.



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