Friday, June 29, 2007

Read a Book, Buy a Tshirt, Host a Fundraiser!

Hello Everyone,

This summer promises to be one of the most productive and busiest ever! And, even if you are not able to be actively involved over the coming months, you can still support Starthrower by doing some of your 'shopping' online.

The Starthrower Foundation Fundraiser shop (Amazon) offers DVDs, CDs, clothing and gourmet food items, as well as books (great time to catch up on summer reading!), Each sale through this link generates a small commission for Starthrower, and every donation helps!

Starthrower's recommended reading list is posted on the fundraiser shop page (below). Supporters outside of Canada can peruse the titles here, then click the link to order, or make a purchase using the fundraiser shop link.

As well, it was recently brought to our attention that a web directory site listed an unpublished Starthrower page for a CafePress online shop (Starthrower logo on shirts, buttons, caps, mugs etc) that we created two years ago, in the course of searching for custom Tshirt suppliers for an upcoming fundraiser. We ended up using a local supplier at that time, so this shop was never 'opened'. We promptly filed this enterprise in the Future Basket, and went on to other matters. However, since it is now currently listed via another web site, we decided we should link/list it on ours. It also proves that nothing is ever truly lost in cyberspace!

Thanks to those who worked on, and supported, the annual Hamburgers For Haiti in London, Ontario.

Thanks, too, to everyone -- in America, the UK, and Canada -- who's working on fundraising, and grant applications, and sourcing equipment and supplies, and to those sending monthly support. You are all helping to make Starthrower Foundation even more effective in its efforts to help the youth in Haiti.

Sharon is leaving this afternoon (Thursday) to return to Cap-Haitien, and, thanks to the internet access now available at Lakay Fondasyon, plans to send regular updates (weather and hydro permitting). Summer in Cap-Haitien is always a busy time, with the staff getting the students ready for the coming school term. This year, Sharon is looking forward to welcoming a number of visitors. (Fair warning -- You may be put to work!)

If you are planning any fundraisers (garage sales, concerts etc) please let us know and we will gladly promote your event on the web site / blog. The art (paintings and masks) that Sharon brought on consignment are currently off the market for use in a fundraiser.

To our American friends, we wish you a Happy Fourth of July!
To all our Canadian friends, we wish you a Happy Canada Day!

Starthrower Foundation Admin.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Haiti Artworks for Sale

Example of Fritz's art previously sold on consignment

Hello Everyone,
I forgot to tell you that I also brought back on consignment 10 small paintings by Fritz and 10 hand carved wooden masks (various sizes) by his cousin. If any one is interested in buying them, or selling them for the artists, I can arrange delivery.

Please, everyone, send healing energy to our centre :: Auguste ( Abel) has malaria.

I am going to meet with some Starthrower supporters in Charlotte on Thursday (June 21) and will be back in Orangeville on Saturday (June 23).

If anyone would like to arrange delivery of the Haiti artworks, please let me know as soon as possible, as I will be returning to Haiti the following week."

Kenbe red

Monday, June 11, 2007

News from Cap-Haitien; Travel Dates

Hello Everyone,

Auguste writes that Sherline was taken to emergency for an eye infection. It cleared up with antibiotics, and she is our latest recipient of glasses.

Auguste also went out to the market and purchased a hat and sunglasses for her, as he now knows that eyes need to be protected. Dieugrand has a UTI. Diuemane has malaria. There are an average of 25 coming each Sunday for food sacks. Claudy came down the mountain for a dental emergency. The frustration is that although we have connected with a Haitian dentist, most of his work is extractions (rache) due to a lifetime of neglect.

We are scheduled to begin construction for opening up the kitchen staircase to the roof on July 2nd. The owner is purchasing materials; we are paying labor.

The annual 'Hamburgers for Haiti' will take place on June 14 at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in London (Ontario). Thanks to Chaplain Brad; board members Pat and Dave will be flipping burgers also.

Many thanks to all those who are working or have been working the past few months to raise funds to support Starthrower's work in Haiti (see fundraisers on the web site).

We also have an incoming gift of solar panels, inverter and batteries; though I am not certain how and when they will be delivered, I know they have been secured. Many thanks!

More news from Cap-Haitien as soon as possible.
I head to Ft Lauderdale June 28, then on to Cap on June 30.


National Exams in Haiti

Hi all!
As June moves along and I prepare to return to Haiti, my thoughts are with our young people who are writing (konpoze) national exams.

Keeping in mind that UN statistics show that Haiti has a population of between 8 and 9 million, and 55% of that pop. is 18 and younger :

Starthrower targets teens and young adults because they are a vital but overlooked segment of Haitian society. It is easy to raise awareness and funds for infants and toddlers; teens and young adults LOOK self sufficient. We know better.

In the entire country this year:

There are 240,000 candidates writing the final year of primary to enter high school (6eme AF).
Now for the group [teens and young adults] that Starthrower supports, national exams must be written:
  • the third year of high school (called 9eme AF - ane fondamental)
  • the 6th year of high school (called Rheto)
  • the 7th and final year (called Philo)
This year, nationally, there are:
  • 148,000 candidates writing 9eme (June 19/20)
  • 75,000 candidates writing Rheto (nouvo, for the first time)(June 25-8)
  • 73,000 candidates writing Philo (nouvo - for the first time)
  • 34,000 candidates writing Rheto for the second time (July 2-5)
  • 14,000 candidates writing Philo for the second try
A youth population of OVER FOUR MILLION.
A total of 344,000
candidates writing national exams at the high school level in the entire country.

Yet only 87,000 by the final year and 14,000 of those are trying for the second time. Look at the rate of attrition. The young people lost.
The following is an excerpt from a speech delivered May 8, 2002 to the UN General Assembly on Children. The message was written and delivered by Gabriela Azarduy Arrieta,13, from Bolivia, and Audrey Cheynut, 17, from Monaco.
We are not the sources of problems; we are the resources that are needed to solve them. We are not expenses; we are investments. We are not just young people; we are people and citizens of this world. . .
You call us the future but we are also the present.
Your support in the present is an investment in a much brighter future for Haiti. Thanks to every Starthrower reading this. Please stay with us.


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