Friday, April 14, 2006

 Good Friday 2006 Cap-Haitien

Hello again,

Lakay Fondasyon is closed for Good Friday, so I took a taxi to the Roi Christophe to see if I could use a computer. I am unable to continue using the Brothers' internet as they have so little hydro, they need to use the computer themselves when possible. I am searching for other locations. The best answer is our own computer with 'inverter' (I'm not sure what that is) and internet.

I am writing again because yesterday, one of our neighbors dropped dead in front of our house as everyone was leaving for the day. [The girl who died] looked to be about 14 or 15 years old. Two of the men playing dominoes in the street knew her and carried her to her home. She was so thin. This nightmare needs to see the light of day.

Yesterday, Peterson J. was diagnosed with a heart problem, rheumatism and malaria. The hospital is still on strike but the little clinic we discovered is staffed by a Cuban doctor, and seems to be an answer [to our medical needs] for the time being.

A heavy rain and strong winds on Tuesday and again on Thursday brought down most of our mangoes, so our summer crop will be sparse. Also the rain means the kids are sleeping in mud and sewage, so the sick list grows.

Boss Fleuridor, plumber, came yesterday to survey the damage to our rain water reservoir. He will be back Monday to attempt repairs.

Djohn D., carpenter's apprentice, is in need of a 'rabot' (carpenter's plane). If anyone can help with tools, used or new, it would really help.

Marline V.has an ear infection and the list goes on.

Blessings, Alapwochen,



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