Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving USA Update from Starthrower Foundation

Hello Everyone,

Here's a brief update from Starthrower Foundation on American Thanksgiving Day 2008.

Sharon Gaskell
Sharon traveled to Toronto on Monday for her check up at St. Michael's Hospital, where her constant companion for these many weeks, a vacuum pump, was disconnected and removed.

Sharon continues to recuperate at home in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, and, with the help of a physiotherapist and her own doctor there, is working on regaining muscle strength over the coming weeks before her next scheduled surgeries in mid-January.

While access to email is limited, she can be contacted by phone at 519-943-0114. Visitors are welcome, but please phone first.

Sister Rosemary
Sister Rosemary is returning to Haiti as planned on December 10, and has agreed to work from Lakay Fondasyon in Cap-Haitien for the foreseeable future.

Special thanks to her for all her help these past months -- from her care of Sharon in Haiti, and Toronto, and in Orangeville, for the many miles she drove to and from Toronto to tend to Sharon's needs, including driving her to medical appointments and arranging a place for Sharon to stay while in Toronto on those appointments, and her twice daily phone calls to make sure Sharon was okay.

University Students Sponsorships
With the exception of a few post-secondary students who currently have sponsors for the near future, Starthrower will no longer arrange any post-secondary student assistance, but instead focus on sponsoring students in high school and apprenticeships in order to make the best use of limited funds.

Thank you, Everyone, for your support these past few, difficult months. Starthrower is most thankful for your help, donations, and words of advice and encouragement as we work together to support our students in Haiti.

Starthrower Foundation 2008-2009 Board members are posted at

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lakay Fondasyon, Cap-Haitien Haiti News, Shipping to Haiti, Christmas Project

Hello Everyone,

Auguste, who continues to operate Lakay Fondasyon, Starthrower Foundation's center in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, while Sharon Gaskell is in Canada recovering from surgery(ies), sends this news about sponsored students.

[Sharon had gone into hospital then returned to Toronto prior to completion of students registrations for school for the fall term; Haiti's summer of hurricanes and resulting storm damage had prompted Haiti school authorities to extend enrollment dates one month.] Auguste has been studying English, so he is able to communicate with non-Kreyol speakers.
This year we have 97 students: Girls 46; Boys 51
  • Cap-Haitien: Girls 22; Boys 23
  • Sen-Rafayel: Girls 22; Boys 22
  • University : Girl 1; Boys 3
  • University waiting list*: Girl 1; Boys 3 *These 4 students are not good for enter in the university [They did not pass exams.]
Yes, I distributed the bag food to students.

About the students they are no good, no bad, only they are not sick. They are going to school, but for eating, it very difficult for Haitian people.

I am praying for you and I wish you a good job.

Blessings !

And news from Sharon Gaskell:
Thank you, everyone, for your support and kind words, and for your continued support of the students in Haiti. This [unexpected illness and return to Canada] is precisely why I have been training staff over the years to take over in my absence and continue to operate.

Starthrower Foundation is not about me. It is about the students and the center in Haiti. I know Auguste will do a good job. As nice as he sounds in email, he is twice as nice and caring in person.

And thanks to Mme Cindy and her 'helpers' in Pennsylvania for their Christmas project for Starthrower. I have every confidence they can work with Lakay Fondasyon staff in my absence.

If you wish to donate to the Christmas project or to help with the food program, you may do so using the Canada Helps or Paypal donate buttons.

Shipping to Haiti
We received news that CASCO now has a minimum charge for shipping to Haiti. If you are planning to ship goods to Haiti, please phone or fax them for details as it may be more economical to wait until your shipment reaches the minimum (i.e. send 3 boxes for the same cost as one box):
CASCO website: CASCO
Mail: 1801 SW 1st Ave,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA
Phone: (954) 525-1717 | Fax: (954) 525-1317
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