Monday, June 11, 2007

National Exams in Haiti

Hi all!
As June moves along and I prepare to return to Haiti, my thoughts are with our young people who are writing (konpoze) national exams.

Keeping in mind that UN statistics show that Haiti has a population of between 8 and 9 million, and 55% of that pop. is 18 and younger :

Starthrower targets teens and young adults because they are a vital but overlooked segment of Haitian society. It is easy to raise awareness and funds for infants and toddlers; teens and young adults LOOK self sufficient. We know better.

In the entire country this year:

There are 240,000 candidates writing the final year of primary to enter high school (6eme AF).
Now for the group [teens and young adults] that Starthrower supports, national exams must be written:
  • the third year of high school (called 9eme AF - ane fondamental)
  • the 6th year of high school (called Rheto)
  • the 7th and final year (called Philo)
This year, nationally, there are:
  • 148,000 candidates writing 9eme (June 19/20)
  • 75,000 candidates writing Rheto (nouvo, for the first time)(June 25-8)
  • 73,000 candidates writing Philo (nouvo - for the first time)
  • 34,000 candidates writing Rheto for the second time (July 2-5)
  • 14,000 candidates writing Philo for the second try
A youth population of OVER FOUR MILLION.
A total of 344,000
candidates writing national exams at the high school level in the entire country.

Yet only 87,000 by the final year and 14,000 of those are trying for the second time. Look at the rate of attrition. The young people lost.
The following is an excerpt from a speech delivered May 8, 2002 to the UN General Assembly on Children. The message was written and delivered by Gabriela Azarduy Arrieta,13, from Bolivia, and Audrey Cheynut, 17, from Monaco.
We are not the sources of problems; we are the resources that are needed to solve them. We are not expenses; we are investments. We are not just young people; we are people and citizens of this world. . .
You call us the future but we are also the present.
Your support in the present is an investment in a much brighter future for Haiti. Thanks to every Starthrower reading this. Please stay with us.

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